About Me

And My Battle With Leaky Gut

Hello, today I want to talk about the little secret about Deborah OBrien. She loves life and people. For the last 15 years life has not been rosy. I was divorced and had 3 children to raise. I always felt I was in a maze and changes were sometimes pretty difficult. My question is why?

Well I started examining all my issues. First, I felt I was in a fog and mood swings were present. I went to my son’s psychiatrist, who put me on antidepressants. After a few months, I saw no different. My weight was a bear. I was always so tired. My arthritis in my neck and hip was bad. Constipation was an issue at times. If I did do something fast, I was facing diabetes. I also had cancer of the breast. I would mention all these symptoms to my doctor. My doctor was good but not for my symptoms. I knew there’s got to be a better way to live. I know I was good for nothing. I would look for weight loss product and try everything in sight. My fatigue was extreme. Once I fell asleep in the Dr’s office.

One years old, I was going to Jenny Craig and lost 60 pounds, but after a year the weight loss stopped. It seems anything I tried just stopped. Today, at 63 years old, I retired from nursing. I stopped Jenny Craig and started doing some investigating. Through all my research, I decided I have leaky gut. I started about 3 weeks ago. My exercising is walking 3- 5 miles a day. Avoiding glutens, dairy, and sugars. My craving for sweets are gone. I am much happier and alert. My energy is through the roof. My arthritis is minimal mainly when I first get up. I do not take any prescription meds.

My weight loss is still improving. After starting the leaky gut diet, I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks. My hair is curly. My skin has been improving as well. Now I am ready to take this information on the road and tell everyone about this discovery. It has really made me a better person. I am finally able to go to church and enjoy the people that are there. I am more outgoing and positive. I thrive to learn. This diet and the internet marketing business that I am pursuing is amazing.