Glutamine Muscle Recovery Capsules

This product is an amino acid protein that helps heal the lining of the gut. This prevents the lining of the gut from developing more tears. Discuss with your doctor.

Walking For Weight Loss

This book will actually help you build up your stamina while losing the weight you want. Everyone loses at a different pace but you should see some success with your energy.

Daily Probiotic

Feeling tired, bloated or “not regular”? This daily probiotic supplement replenishes the good bacteria in your gut to support healthy bowel movements, reduce stomach bloating and acid reflux to give you relief now!

Coffig Coffee - 3 Bags of Roast Ground

Coffee Alternative. Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, and Acid Free

The Gut Repair Cookbook

101 Recipes That Will Nourish and Delight Your Gut